Friday, February 8, 2013

New Face Products

Hi lovelies, sorry for the late post but it's taken me awhile to finally purchase some noteworthy items. I received Urban Decay's Naked Palette for my birthday but as I already had the palette, I exchanged for these two beauties!

Laura Mercier Peach Mosaic Shimmer Bloc
I've always wanted to purchase this because I'm obsessed with peach tones. This is absolutely gorgeous and I highly recommend you try it out. They come in other color shimmer blocs as well, but this one gives me the perfect glow! You can also use them individually as eyeshadows. 


Urban Decay's Naked Flushed Palette
I admit that this was an impulse buy for me, but I really loved the rest of the NAKED line from Urban Decay so I tried this out. It got a lot of iffy reviews but I ended up liking it quite a bit. I have fair skin so I'm not sure if it's meant really just for a specific skin tone. The bronzer is nice and light when I use an easy hand and the highlighter is really pretty. The blush was my least favorite because it made me look more like a doll. Overall, I haven't decided whether I love it or just like it. 


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